14590378_592072230975690_1259316840595453608_n[1]Coonamble Pre School implements a play-based program set within a structured framework of a consistent daily routine. Our learning environment is natural with added elements and is a reflection of our community and the children, their families and educators.

Our large outdoor learning environment is a generous and powerful place for children to learn. The design invites children to connect with the Earth and nature in meaningful ways. Unlimited access to dirt, sand, grass, water, trees and gardens encourages our children to form life-long connections with our natural world. We aim to inspire children to develop a sense of love, respect and kindness for our natural environment.

Services and Programs we provide:

  • Speech Therapy Services: We aim to connect children and families with speech therapy services available to our community members.
  • Occupational Therapy Program: The Pre School operates an Occupational Therapy Based program
    • This program is specifically designed to suit our preschool, children and educators.
    • It is something extra that we work hard to offer to you as a part of our preschool service.
    • The program assists children with overall development and school readiness skills and employs the expertise of a private Occupational Therapist to provide assessment and advice for children, their families and our educators.
    • The Pre School has access to Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Early Childhood Nurses and many other agencies and specialists. We can assist you with referrals or accessing these services
  • Munch and Move is a healthy lifestyle program for children from 0-5 years. The program focuses on supporting the development of Fundamental Movement Skills through game based active play, encourages healthy eating and reduced time spent on small screen recreation (TV, computers, DVD’s). We implement elements of the munch and move prIMG_3294 (002)ogram daily at the Coonamble Pre School.
  • Early Childhood Health Programs: some of the key topics include oral health, otitis media, asthma
  • MUSIC AND MOVEMENT Singing, dancing, yoga and movement is great fun and a great way to improve concentration, co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness and communication.
  • THE EARLY YEARS LEARNING FRAMEWORK – The Framework assists educators to provide young children with opportunities to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future success in learning. Fundamental to the Framework is the view of children’s lives being characterised by belonging, being and becoming.