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Our Coonamble Pre School Philosophy…


The Coonamble community is the heart and centre of our service. Our actions and aspirations place the children and families of our community in the forefront of our operations. We acknowledge the Traditional Aboriginal land on which we learn and play, lived upon by the Gamilaraay and Wailwan people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Open-ended play experiences

At Coonamble Pre School children are encouraged to become immersed in open-ended play experiences. Preschool teachers acknowledge children as capable and competent, they aim to inspire children to explore, investigate, problem solve and represent their understanding in individual ways.


An organisation committed to creating opportunities for our children, staff, families and the community. Opportunities for children to be, belong and become. Opportunities for staff to participate in ongoing professional development, building the confidence, self-belief and competence of our local early childhood educators. Opportunities for families to contribute to our program in a variety of ways. Opportunities for the community to engage meaningfully and celebrate with our service.295982630_495060412425418_5776108713610521632_n


Our large outdoor learning environment is a generous and powerful place for children to learn. The design invites children to connect with the Earth and nature in meaningful ways. Unlimited access to dirt, sand, grass, water, trees and gardens encourages our children to form life-long connections with our natural world. We aim to inspire children to develop a sense of love, respect and kindness for our natural environment.


We recognise and celebrate the many achievements of our children at Coonamble Pre School. Celebrating children’s success is a powerful way to nourish and encourage their ongoing progress and growth. Whether a child is overcoming an obstacle, mastering a skill or taking risks– we celebrate every day of the year and we invite our families to celebrate these achievements too.

Meaningful relationships

We acknowledge the child’s family as the first teacher, making the relationship between early childhood educators and family members extremely important. Coonamble Pre School staff go above and beyond to ensure that meaningful relationships with families form the foundation of each individual child’s preschool experience. Meaningful relationships are respectful, genuine and positive.


We believe in balance. Early childhood theorists raise valid and diverse ideas in terms of optimal teaching and learning styles. We find balance at Coonamble Pre School by striving to encompass many different theorist perspectives. We believe that teachers can play an important role in children’s play, but we too believe that children have the right to play without adult intervention. We believe that children should be provided with ample opportunities to play freely, but we too believe that coming together for collaborative group times throughout the day has many benefits for children’s learning & development. Balance is essential in all that we do at Coonamble Pre School.

Learning through play

Our preschool program aims to inspire and instil a love of learning, life skills and self-confidence in the years prior to commencing primary school. We value long periods of uninterrupted play at Coonamble Pre School, believing play to produce curiosity, optimism, imagination, cooperation, resilience and concentration.301277793_509366187661507_5340623686880013136_n

Early Years Learning Framework

The Coonamble Pre School program strongly reflects the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The principles, practices and learning outcomes within the framework guide our early childhood educators and this ensures our children experience quality teaching and learning at Coonamble Pre School.